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Animation & Video

Ever since the old days of animated gif web banners, our team has focused on learning how to generate more customers and leads through display advertising creative and digital advertising. We can animate your storyboards, create digitally animated HTML5 ads from scratch and work with you on the copywriting and message, and help bring home the conversion. We obsess over CTRs (Click-through Rates) and actual conversions. After all, it’s in our company genetics.

Re-marketing and re-targeting are serving ads to users based on their email opt-in or website cookies (record of the websites they visit). That’s exactly how big brands are able to target users who landed on their product pages. Do you have a clean, legible and high converting landing page for your banners? We can create, build and develop all the essential creative tools you need to generate business online.

Here’s a few of the services we offer with HTML5 animation and Display Ads & Banner Ads:

  • Display Ads / Banner Ads Design
  • Copywriting / Video Story boards
  • HTML5 Animation & Video Ads
  • Responsive Landing Page Design
  • Google Display Ads Management
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What exactly are HTML5 animated ads? Is it different than video?

Animated ads these days use HTML5. That’s just the name given to the process of using HTML code + Javascript to code clean, light, beautiful websites and animated ads. Previously we used to use Flash. The problem with Flash was that Google could not interact or read ActionScript, Flash’s primary language. This made sites impossible to find, and thus ended Flash.

Today most animated ads you see online that looks crystal clear and loads super fast, is done in HTML5. The animations are based on lines and mathematics rather than resizing pixels, so it maintains its quality no matter the resolution. We’ve come a long way since Flash!

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I need ads but do I need a landing page?

As a nice creatively animated ad or video can entice a potential customer, your traffic needs a place to go. This place also needs to be just enticing, or else you are wasting your money and effort on ads but your landing page is not closing the deal.

What is your pricing for Banner ads and animation?
Depending on what you are looking for, we can build you out a custom quote. As with most display networks such as Google, they require lots of different sizes. Our team will work with you and discuss which sizes you would benefit from the most, and work with you and your budget for getting you some display ads and not killing your bank account.

Let’s talk about your next project. Shoot us a message!

We’ll get back to you and we can go from there. Just fill out the short form below, we can even get you a quote the same-day in most cases.