We find that most of our clients are relieved that we able to provide them with WordPress development and hosting solutions, setup and maintenance. Business owners and marketing directors shouldn’t have to waste their precious time dealing with overseas hosting support and deal with slow, cheap inefficient hosting.

We not only will provide you with an affordable and quality WordPress development, hosting & support, we will take time to train you, setup users, add new content or install any plugins and functionality you may need for your new site. WordPress is a very robust and flexible website CMS system, and although it’s used by millions of sites, it’s a software that takes up a bunch of resources and needs to be maintained.

No matter your industry, a WordPress website needs adequate hosting to run smoothly. WordPress updates will need to be periodically updated to avoid security vulnerabilities and to get new features.

1Brand WordPress Development team can take all of the work off your shoulders so you can focus on running your business. Let us take care of the website stuff.

Wordpress Development

WordPress Development, Support & Hosting.

  • 24/7 WordPress & Website Support
  • Daily Backups & Website Reporting
  • Google Analytics Login
  • CleanTalk Spam Protection ($37/year value)
  • WordFence Security ($99/year value)
  • Weekly Plugin & Software Updates & Testing
  • 3 Hours of Web Development
  • Staging & Development Environments

Why do I need a WordPress support plan?

Simply put, you don’t. You can technically take care of WordPress yourself, the question becomes—do you have the time and dedication to learn how to backup your site correctly, update plugins and software as well as do various administrative and sys admin duties?

Wordpress DevelopementIf you do not have time for this (most people don’t) we’ve got your back. We sometimes like to use this comparison-—Wordpress is the engine, your website is the exterior/interior.

You can spend lots of time and hours updating your interior/exterior and have it as flashy as you want. If you don’t take care of your engine, you’re out of luck. WordPress needs your love. It can’t go unattended too long. If you don’t update your plugins, and your core softwar

e your site could and mostly will get hacked or affected by some type of malware eventually.

Many people decide to use WordPress and then end up spending money in a crisis because they have not properly maintained their plugins, or updated the WordPress core software. It’s easy to forget WordPress is a piece of software, no different than the operating system for your computer. If you don’t up it, people can hack it. Your files can be deleted, and there are thousands if not millions of bots actively attacking every WordPress site on the internet at any given time. More more information on why you need a WordPress developer or support plan, check out recent our blog post.

Think about this and how much time, energy and money you’ve put in to your site. Is it worth a few extra bucks to maintain? We hope so.

Can I do WordPress Development myself?

Absolutely. We encourage you to learn WordPress and be comfortable updating your site. Depending on your install, we will work with you one-on-one and train you via video conferencing. You’ll be able to setup your account, add blog posts and articles, format your text and more.

Our clients are always amazed at how easy WordPress is to use, and how much is at your fingertips in terms of free plugins and software from developers with great ratings and support.

We strive to make our customers feel confident about using their website and posting articles and blog entries themselves. When asked, we will help new users or admins get started by walking them through a series of brief, novice WordPress tasks such as posting an article or blog post—there is nothing to fear!

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