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We’re a Chicago web design company. Developing modern, intuitive digital experiences since 2009.

We are a Chicago-based web design company with an All-Star web development team. 1Brand consists of a few close-knit independent web designers, developers and digital marketing pros who’ve worked hand-in-hand together since 2009. Going back to our college days, our team has grown together from students and young artists/nerds to experts of our trade with 20 years experience in design and marketing.

We’re a web design company that will work with you from conceptualizing your message and building creative strategies, through execution and final launch of your new website. We’ll also train you and your team on WordPress to give you the toolset you need to work on your new site.

Below are some of the web design and web development services we offer. Click the button below or give us a call now for web design pricing.

  • Responsive Web Design
  • Web Development
  • WordPress Support & Maintenance
  • Top-Tier WordPress Hosting
  • Display Ads / Banner ads
  • HTML5 Animation / Video Editing
  • Email Creative Design
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Recent web design projects…

A responsive website makes all devices happy.

Which in turn, make your customers happy when they visit your website on a phone, tablet, desktop or any other device. We’ll make sure your website is optimized for all modern devices, and your responsive website will look great and work intuitively on smartphones, tablets and desktops. Your company needs a responsive design that will showcase your services and communicate your message clearly and beautifully.

We’ll start with an idea. We’ll work with you to build out your wireframes and user workflow with simple charts, thumbnails, sketches and software that helps you clearly understand what we will build. Then our design team will take over and build out a beautiful, clean and stunning design with clean and organized HTML code and CSS.

1Brand is a Chicago web design company that takes pride in building intuitive, easily-navigated, beautiful websites that our clients can actually use themselves—while always incorporating the latest modern web design and UX trends. We will build a website for your company and train you how to use it in a few hours or less. You’ll understand how to build your content, create blog posts, edit and insert images into a gallery and more. You can add users, edit forms, and even manage emails lists easily, and fast. Unlike some other web design companies, we won’t just design your site and hold it hostage for edits and updates for additional fees. We’ll help you learn WordPress yourself until you’re comfortable taking over and updating your website yourself—it’s a breeze!

Customer research, usability testing & well-planned UX.

Our experienced team of designers and web developers are top-level senior consultants who have worked in the industry for close to 2 decades. We do not outsource to junior level or entry level types. Our core team has remained intact since the early 2000s, which is a big reason why our clients love working with us. We’ve got a great team of pros who not only are all-star developers/designers, they understand business and marketing.

Our team will work to identify your company’s branding, design and development goals and efficiently provide you with the best solution in an affordable and clear, well-communicated development plan. We always make sure to communicate clearly with clients through every step of their development project.

It’s tough juggling all these projects and building your business and we understand it’s quite a process. It can become overwhelming for business owners to be tied up making decisions that they aren’t trained to make. You need a team that you can trust with making big decisions. A relationship with our team at 1Brand can let you focus on building your business and making sales.

Let 1Brand take over and develop your project!

Let’s chat about your next web design project. Send us a message!