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7 Different Types of Logos

By January 4, 2023May 1st, 2024No Comments
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Logos are an essential part of any brand identity. They are the visual representation of a company or product, and they play a vital role in creating a lasting impression on customers. A logo is often the first thing people see when they encounter a brand, and it can either draw them in or turn them away.

There are many different types of logos, each with its own unique characteristics and purpose. Here are some of the most common types of logos:


Wordmarks are logos that are made up of only text, with no graphic elements. They are typically the name of the company or product in a unique font or style. Wordmarks are often used by well-established brands that have a strong reputation and don’t need a visual symbol to represent them. Examples include Google, Nike, and Coca-Cola.


Lettermarks are similar to wordmarks, but they only use the initials of a company or product name. They are often used when a brand name is too long or difficult to read in its entirety. Lettermarks are also useful when a brand has multiple products or services, as they can be used to represent the company as a whole. Examples include IBM, 3M, and HP.


Symbols are logos that use a visual element to represent a brand or product. They can be abstract shapes, animals, objects, or anything else that represents the brand’s values or mission. Symbols are often used by newer brands or products that need to establish a strong visual identity. Examples include the Apple logo, the Nike swoosh, and the FedEx arrow.


Emblems are logos that use a combination of text and a symbol to represent a brand or product. They often have a classic or traditional look, and they are often used by businesses in the finance, law, or government sectors. Examples include the Starbucks mermaid, the BMW logo, and the Harley-Davidson bar and shield.

Combination marks:

Combination marks are logos that use both a wordmark and a symbol to represent a brand or product. They allow for both a strong visual element and the brand’s name to be included in the logo. Combination marks are often used by brands that need to balance their visual identity with their brand name recognition. Examples include the McDonald’s arches, the Verizon checkmark, and the Subway sandwich.

Abstract marks

Abstract marks are logos that use abstract shapes or lines to represent a brand or product. They are often more creative and artistic than other types of logos, and they are used by brands that want to stand out and be seen as innovative or forward-thinking. Examples include the Airbnb logo, the Airbnb Bélo, and the Nike swoosh.


Mascots are logos that use a character or animal to represent a brand or product. They are often used by brands that want to create a fun or playful image, or that want to appeal to children. Examples include the Kool-Aid Man, the GEICO gecko, and the Charmin bear.

In Conclusion

No matter what type of logo a brand chooses, it’s important that it accurately represents the company or product and resonates with its target audience. A well-designed logo can be a powerful marketing tool, helping a brand stand out in a crowded market and build customer loyalty. Whether used in your digital marketing ads, branded business merchandise such as brochures and business cards, or with direct mail pieces such as fliers, postcards or elaborate print packaging such as a custom mailer boxes, a well-designed logo is essential for all businesses.  Contact 1Brand Design today for a free quote on your new company logo.

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