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Adobe Acquires Figma

By November 11, 2022April 17th, 2024No Comments
Adobe Acquires Figma

Figma over the past several years, has built a legitimate design platform and competitor to Adobe, the giant creative company that owns practically all the market share in the creative industry. As with most large companies eating up their competitors, Adobe put an end to this in September by acquiring Figma for a cool $20 billion. This acquisition will enhance Adobe’s large suite of creative apps while knocking off their largest competitor. Figma has grown popular throughout the last few years, not only for its ease-of-use but by positioning itself as the more cost-effective solution for creative software compared to Adobe’s Creative Suite monthly subscriptions rates.

Adobe has stated that the current plan is to keep everything practically the same and leave Figma as an independent app, although some creatives in the field wonder how this would work while Adobe XD continues to be an industry standard for wire-framing and web app prototyping—which is some of Figma’s strongest capabilities. Adobe has been recently toning down features and investment with Adobe XD so this push to Figma could be something to look for in the future.

Read the entire press release from Adobe.

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