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Watch Adobe Premiere Pro’s Newest AI Tools in Action

By April 17, 2024No Comments
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Adobe’s video editing software Premiere Pro will soon be released with powerful new AI features.

If you’re like me, you’re a designer or a creative professional who’s only dabbled in the world of video editing because, well, it’s not your thing and it’s always been overwhelmingly time-consuming—well, until now. Adobe has recently announced releasing new generative artificial intelligence (AI) features for its popular video editing and software, Premier Pro, to help video editors streamline their video production.

Previewed this week, Adobe has unveiled Object Addition & Removal and Generative Expand to be included as new features in Premiere Pro. These tools will allow users to easily add or remove elements from a video project or to extend frames making them longer.

Check out both of these new features in the below ‘unaltered’ Adobe video, as Adobe claims nothing has been added or manipulated in the video below to alter the results. I must say, the combination of including Adobe Firefly’s AI video model within Premiere Pro is blowing me away to say the least. We saw similar features recently released in Adobe Photoshop but now adding or removing AI generated content can be done right in your video files. As an old school designer who relies heavily on video professionals for doing this sort of production magic, the ease of editing objects in a video is game-changing. See for yourself in the video below:

Doing something of this nature would be extremely time-consuming without AI. The user normally would need to tediously edit hundreds of frames. Adobe’s new AI-powered Object Addition & Removal tool seems to have this work covered in seconds! (Head explodes).

Just as easy as the video makes it look, users can select and track objects to remove, add or even replace entirely for other elements. The features appear to work extremely smoothly (again, Adobe promises this video is accurate) and takes mere seconds to perform. Of course, your machine’s memory and specs could cause performance differences. The Generative Extend feature that is also being released seems to be very similar in terms of it’s ease-of-use.

Coming to Premier Pro next year, Adobe is also planning to release more exciting features such as a native text-to-video generator that would allow users to enter a text-prompt or reference other images to generate new ideas, design elements or create additional footage.

As seen above in their video, Adobe also discusses integrating popular 3rd-party AI software models. OpenAI and Runway AI tools will be integrated into Premiere Pro for the text-to-video and Generative Extend tool, rather than only being forced to use Firefly—allowing ever more AI options and variations for users. Exciting times are ahead!



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