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Celebrating 10 Years of Business!

By September 1, 2019September 3rd, 2019No Comments

Since 2009, we’ve been building and development websites and providing design services for small and large companies alike. Founded over  a decade ago with just a small handful of clients, we’ve are extremely grateful for where we are today—a top web design  and web development company in Chicago.
Recently, our founder and Creative Director Mike Kotler was interviewed by and gave a brief run-down of the story and history of how 1Brand started out 10 years ago as well some insight into our company’s current and future goals. Below is the transcript of the conversation but feel free to read the entire column here. There are already a number of web design companies in Chicago, some big names too, what makes you stand out?

1Brand: We’re really not your average web design company. 1Brand is a team of seasoned design and development professionals who also happen to be great friends for close to 20+ years. After attending the college together and early in our careers we all worked at big agencies or in-house marketing depts. where we were fortune enough to learn and grow in our trade. Eventually, we branched out on our own and began to work with each other here and there until forming 1Brand in 2009.  10 years later, we’re lucky enough to have built a great team of clients and have a reputation for amazing services and design. We are extremely grateful for all of our referrals from word-of-mouth advertising which allows us to seek new business that fits us best and enables us to be extra selective about the process. Can you name some of your top clients, and what services you provide for them?

1Brand: J.G. Wentworth is currently our longest tenured client. They came on board right in 2009 when I branched out on my own to work independently. We’ve had to pleasure to call J.G. a client since 2009 and have assisted them with the search marketing, copywriting, consulting, branding and design throughout their growth–including their company acquisitions and IPO.

Our client list also includes many small local Chicago businesses from start-ups to large corporations. We’ve recently signed a larger stock brokerage firm based in Chicago and are excited to begin working on their account.

The Chicago Bears, Hard Rock Cafe and Nascar are all brands that we have helped design and/or produce marketing pieces for various promotional events, or campaigns along with some others.

What we’ve found is that small business owners and large agencies alike, although may have different short-term and long-term marketing goals, each have a very common need in the web design space. A website that not only is legible and easy to interpret, they especially need a design that conveys credibility and trust. Whether a 5-person start-up or a larger well-known corporation with an outdated website, an exceptionally designed website can give your company, the credibility and trust that’s needed to grow your market online. What are the company’s plans and goals for the future?

1Brand: I think most companies would probably say growth, growth, growth… and have expansion related answers here about dominating their market and taking over the world. While growth is obviously important and crucial for a thriving business, for us  sticking to focusing on our current clients and expanding our resources to provide better solutions is a sure-fire way to improve our business⁠—which will ultimately lead to growths. We have a small team of all-star, seasoned veterans and young guns that are really motivated to make a splash on the scene and we are very content with the pace of growth. It really only makes sense for us to focus on improving our skills, learning more and finding better and more efficient ways to provide results for our clients.

Mike Kotler

Author Mike Kotler

Mike Kotler is Creative Director at 1Brand—a small team of expert designers, developers and marketers based in Chicago. He is a graduate from the University of Florida, an animal-lover and a die-hard Chicago sports fan.   Read a recent interview with Mike from Voyage Chicago.

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