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A few essential lead-generation website design tips.

By May 17, 2019December 20th, 2023No Comments
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These lead generation website design tips are essential to converting leads from your company website. Whether you’re working with a freelance web designer or a large advertising agency, make sure you look for one that understands how to generate leads. If your site doesn’t convert well into a phone call, email, text or message, you could be wasting your site’s potential. To maximize your traffic and convert into a lead, make sure to understand a few key essentials to help covert your traffic into an email, form-entry or call.

Essentials for Generating More Leads From Your Website

The number one goal of just about any business website is lead-generation. No matter how well a website is performing, there’s almost always room for improvement. If you’re looking to generate more leads from your website, be sure to pay extra attention to the following:

A good call-to-action combined with an attractive button. 

Don’t underestimate the power of good call-to-action and nice big, easily seen button or link. After all, you want to nudge visitors into actually contacting you, and the right call-to-action can do just that. It’s more than just simply having calls-to-action on your website—you’ll want to make sure they’re on the right pages, in the right locations, with the right links.

You’ll also want to ensure that they’re clearly calls-to-action and aren’t something that can easily be overlooked. Don’t be afraid to experiment, either. Test out different locations, rephrase them differently. Figure out which ones are doing well and which are underperforming.

Good UX. A legible page that is intuitive and easy to navigate is key for lead generation website design.

A good UX designer these days are key when looking for a web design company. User experience is just as important as your brand’s identity. UX should be considered throughout every aspect of your web design and design decision-process. Your website’s appearance can play a huge role in lead generation, but without a well-tested and planned clean user interface, your UX (User experience) could easily be…. your website’s full potential. Ultimately, getting you less results.

A web design company should design you a website that looks good and stands out, but something too flashy could also actually drive away potential customers if it’s too difficult to navigate. Clean and simple designs don’t have to be boring, and are best for lead generation. You’ll also want to be sure your design is responsive, as to not drive away mobile users.

Try A/B testing  with different copy and layouts.

When it comes to lead generation website design, there is no quick and easy solution, and a lot of it is trial and error. What works for one company and website may not work for another, and the only way to determine what works best for you is to test out different strategies.

If your website has been up for a while now, identifying areas in need of improvement can be a great place to start. For example, you can use a heat map tool to figure out where your visitors are. Learn where they actually clicking on your website and how far they’re scrolling down.

Google Analytics can also provide invaluable insights as to what pages are receiving traffic, and which ones may be lacking. We’ll use this information to your advantage by testing out various locations for contact forms and calls-to-action.

Build a clean, enticing landing page with a simple layout.

A lot of Chicago web design companies and agencies can provide design and creative services, but what will benefit your company most is one that understands lead generation.

Clean, enticing, well-designed landing pages are more important than your main website from a marketing perspective. Where do you plan on sending traffic? Your landing page is in most cases, the first thing your target audience will see. You want something clean, to the point, and inviting.

Most likely, you’ll want a short-form when possible (depending on your industry) and make sure your landing page has an easily findable contact/phone/email area that catches the user’s eye instantly. You don’t want your prospective client stumbling around your page looking for your phone number or contact form. You’ll also want a marketing message that hits home—quickly. (You have less than a second to grab their attention. Lead generation website design focuses on converting these short forms.).

Write marketing copy that speaks directly to your customer.

Your web design company should help you reach your target audience. Most times companies will provide you with generic, vanilla, bland and boring copy . Do you have the time to rewrite everything? Are you going to sit next to them and force-feed them copy ideas? Hire someone that will take the effort and time to research your industry, and write direct compelling copy that hits home with your user and connects them to your brand or product.

Web design and copywriting work hand-in-hand to develop a message and overall UX that connects the user to your product and ultimately generates a sale (or multiple sales!)

1Brand is a Chicago web design company that will help you generate more leads.

What’s the point of a website if you don’t get customers/acquisitions/leads? Do you know most people view your website and click away in less than a second? Are you tracking those people and trying to figure out why? These are the things your web design company should be obsessing over.

After all, what is the ultimate goal of your website? Depending on your industry, it’s most likely to build a larger client-base. To do that, you need you clients to actually reach out to you. Whether it’s a phone call, an email, a text, a live chat message—-you are generating sales leads. You should hire someone that understands HOW to do this. Someone who has experience crunching the data to grow your client list & your customer-base.

Make sure you website or landing page is responsive.

Nothing would stink more than to realize you’re getting tons of mobile traffic but nobody can navigate your site. A responsive design will adjust to render the best possible layout and design depending on device. A user in a landscape-oriented tablet still needs to find your phone number. Your site should be easy to navigate no matter what device size, orientation or resolution.

Contact us today and let’s discuss your next lead generation web design project.

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