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Responsive web design services and trends in 2019.

By May 4, 2019May 28th, 2019No Comments
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Responsive web design services have taken over. Mobile-only sites are extinct. These days, the screens we view on a daily basis come in an assortment of sizes/resolutions and orientation. Remember when everyone had the same huge CRT monitors and our web sites were always 800×600 screen resolution? Good times. Nowadays, if you want you users to be ensured a legible, organized site with content that automatically adjusts to fit the correct size and resolution of every screen you own (eg. monitor, TV, computer, watch, etc), you need a responsive web design.

So what exactly are responsive web design services? It sounds expensive.

Losing business because your mobile users can’t properly view and engage with your website also sounds expensive. That’s why it’s super important to always present your prospective clients with the right monitor resolution depending on their device. If your users can’t see your site, you risk losing them.

A responsive website will automatically format itself to fit the device it’s loaded on—whether that’s a desktop computer, mobile phone, or tablet giving your users the best possible layout depending on their device. How would you sell you products to someone that can’t see them on their phone because everything is absolutely tiny?

Years ago, consumers hardly used their phones to go online. Tablets weren’t nearly as popular as they are now, either, and nobody had a smart phone (besides Capt Kirk). Depending on how far back your website goes, it may have even been designed during a time when neither of these items really existed (Zack Morris’s clunker of a cell phone doesn’t count.)

Because just about everyone goes online with cell phones and tablets nowadays, ensuring your website is responsive is essential. In fact mobile phones have now become the primary device we use to view the internet.

You don’t need a mobile AND desktop website any longer.

The beauty of responsive design is that it totally replaced the need to have both a desktop and mobile version of your company’s website. That was a pain the butt.

Just a few years back, people use to route their mobile traffic to a different site completely. This caused businesses to have to maintain and develop to entirely mirrored versions of their website–for both desktop and mobile browsers. Responsive web design services came along and saved us from that nightmare.

Do you remember seeing a lot of subdomains such as “” It was a mess, and business owners scrambled to engage with their mobile users, and often times overpaid for an entirely separate mobile version of their website.

If a website’s design is significantly outdated, it won’t be responsive at all and won’t automatically format to fit a mobile device. Instead, you’ll see a shrunk-down version of the desktop site, which can be a total nightmare for someone to deal with.

So, when would I need a mobile app?

There are several reasons why your company may benefit from using a mobile app vs. responsive web design services. Serving you website and selling products to clients on a mobile devices is no longer one of them. E-commerce websites and shopping carts can all be setup responsively. Consumers can easily purchase items on a clean, well-designed responsive e-commerce website.

Now, if you want your customers to login, view their profile, and interact more with your brand, a mobile app could be a great way to connect with users.  According to Search Engine Land, more than one billion Internet users today primarily use mobile devices. Consumers are doing the majority of their purchases on their cell phones as well. As such, it’s more important than ever to acquire responsive web design services if you operate an online store.

With all of the online shopping options out there now, people usually won’t have the patience to deal with a website that fails to load properly on their mobile devices. They will just move on to the next. This means you could be losing a lot of potential customers and revenue as a direct result of a poor website design. Ensuring your website is responsive can be one of the best investments that you make for your online business.

Does my responsive website design, affect my Search Engine Rankings?

If you want your website to rank well in search engines, you should make sure it’s responsive. Not only does Google have its own algorithm for mobile search, but a responsive website has improved SEO rankings overall.

Not sure if your current website design is responsive? You can easily check by pulling it up on your mobile device, or using Google’s mobile-friendly test tool.

My website is outdated. What do I do now?

If your web design is outdated and you’re in need a new design that’s responsive. If you’re starting from scratch and looking to build a brand new website, 1Brand Design can help. Contact us today for a free quote or to setup an introduction.


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